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A Thankful Year (or 30!)

November has brought a wave of gratitude to our lab. We began the month on a high note by attending the 12th biennial Carolina Biophysics Symposium. Engaging with colleagues from NIEHS and institutions such as UNC, Duke, NC State, and Wake Forest, was an illuminating experience that gave us a taste of current research in the field.

An exciting highlight was Charly’s presentation on ATG9 at UNC's Trafficking Club, which was a window into upcoming collaborations with cell and structural biologists at the university. Thanks, Rick Baker for hosting!

Amidst these professional engagements, we took a moment to honor Lisa, who has dedicated an impressive 30 years to the NIEHS. We expressed our appreciation for her devotion to service and science over the past three decades.

To round off the month, our lab hosted a festive Thanksgiving-themed party, filled with games, grins, and a shared sense of gratitude. We are thankful for the opportunities to collaborate, the dedication of our team members, and the milestones that make our scientific journey fulfilling.



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