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The Placenta Group at NIEHS will open in Nov. 2021!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

We are getting ready to start this new challenge and we want you in our lab. We are actively recruiting and two postdoctoral positions are open. Don't miss the opportunity to apply and get to know the group and our science!

First blog post of The Placenta Group at NIEHS! Yey! We'll be using this space to share the news of the group and establish some virtual communication with the "outside" world. You'll hear about our discoveries here first, with interviews and detailed explanations from the members of the group and friends from our branch and institute. Additionally, this space will be also a training opportunity for our fellows to practice their communication and outreach skills and highlight others' experiments, so we all stay up to date with the cool science around the globe. Finally, you will have a sneak-peek at our social events and the behind scenes of the lab, but we will try to keep it serious ;) Don't forget to bookmark our webpage and start following us!

How does the placenta form? Why are so many types of placentas? And cell-types within the placenta? How do we model the placenta in vitro? What does go wrong in placental diseases? - Join us and help us answer these and many more questions!

If interested in joining us, take a look at the "Members" tab where you will find more details on how to apply to the lab. Let's get in touch! CG


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